Prevailing Wage Rates for Public Works Contracts

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Apprentices are defined as those workers for whom an apprenticeship agreement has been registered and approved by the state apprenticeship council. Under this law, any “helper” or other type of assistant who is not registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC) is to be considered a fully qualified journey level worker and must be paid the full journey-level wage. Workers registered with the WSATC are entitled to the prevailing wage rates for an apprentice of that trade.

Important Note about Rates: Choosing correct worker classifications depends upon determinations published by L&I. Review our Determinations.

Look up Prevailing Wage rates with effective dates as far back as March 4, 1998.

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    The prevailing wage rates, in a particular county, are determined by the bid due date for a public works project and these rates apply to that project until it is completed, unless the contract award date is six months or more after the bid due date. In this case the award date would determine the rates to be paid. The bid due date is the date that General Contractor bids for the project are due to the Awarding Agency. All sub-contractors use this same bid due date and award date.

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Updated Prevailing Wage rates are published twice each year:

  • The first business day of February (effective 30 days later).
  • The first business day of August (effective 30 days later).
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